I’m not terribly interesting, but as you were kind enough to click “about,” I’ll try not to bore you. I grew up in a suburb outside Philadelphia. I got a bachelors in English Lit, and promptly realized the utter uselessness of my chosen degree. I worked several jobs for which I was variably ill-suited—I waited tables and sold used cars (or didn’t, more often).

Then, a few years ago, my husband and I took jobs as English teachers in South Korea, and life became a pleasanter thing. I now had the time to apply myself to writing as I never had before. I wrote my first book. I researched self-publishing and slowly began to creep onto the internet in ways I’d previously avoided. My debut novel, Division of the Marked, is the first of an epic fantasy series.

I write fantasy because—for me—no genre is half so transporting. When I pick up, again, The Eye of the World—not only am I in Randland—I’m also sixteen and curled up on my old armchair eating Tastykakes and swilling Turkey Hill iced tea. A good fantasy novel is a time machine.

For the Marked Series, my greatest influences were Jane Eyre (hence the three part structure with the first during childhood), Whedon’s The Astonishing X-Men, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, The Wheel of Time, Avatar the Last Airbender (cartoon, not horrid Shyamalan movie), Harry Potter, and Enders Game. There are shades of these things in my work, but I believe the end result possesses its own unique flavor.

In the future, where I will be in the world and how I will pay my bills is uncertain. But that I will continue to write is not. Now that I’ve had a taste of this life, a day without the hammering of keys feels wasted and flat. I thank you, whoever you are, who have both clicked “about” and read all the way to the end. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for your interest in my writing career.

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