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My Top 17 Reads of 2017

2017 was a big year for me, book-wise. You see, it was about this time last year that I had a realization: I write Young Adult fiction. You’d think I would know this, but I didn’t. It only took years

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Doctor Strange Review: Am I The Only One Who Thought This Movie Was a Mess?

**Attention: Spoilers Ahead*** Doctor Strange: This doesn’t make any sense. The Ancient One: Not everything does. Not everything has to. Ok, The Ancient One, maybe not everything has to make sense. But some things should. Plot, for instance.  I was so

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Aeon Timeline

When I finished my first draft of Elevation of the Marked, I knew that I had some major timeline problems, that my chronology was, at best, a bit off, at worst, an illogical tangle. This problem was inevitable, I suppose,

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My Gripe with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (And Godzilla. And Pacific Rim. And—ok, you get the idea)

I was excited for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which was perhaps my first mistake. I should stop having high expectations for blockbusters, as they are almost never realized. Still, I remember very much enjoying the first installment

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Book Review : Red River

Red River is a darker, sadder tale than Tent City, so brace yourselves. A lot of the great things about book one are still in play, but the stakes are higher—more plagues are on their way and Dani must protect

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Book Review : Black Redneck vs Space Zombies

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d utter: I just read a book entitled Black Redneck vs. Space Zombies and, at one point, I cried—actual tears! While not a perfect book, the unexpected gems this story offer make it very

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Book Review: A Whisper in the Wind

A Whisper in the Wind is a historical romance about two sisters facing the difficulties and prejudiced of their time in the wake of their parents’ deaths. Don’t mistake this for the kind of romance novel where the story is

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Book Review : Tent City

Tent City by Kelly Van Hull is a YA dystopian novel with a lot of action, mystery, and—most of all—heart. The story of a seventeen year old girl, her best friend, and her little brother, as they are forced to

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What Does a Book Review Really Mean?

What is the real purpose of reviews? What do they really mean and who are they for?  Recent circumstances have led me to question the nature of reviews in a way that I never have before.  Let me back up

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My Ode to Scrivener: The Top Ten Reasons It’s So Great

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… I am a Scrivener fangirl. My love of this beautiful piece of software is, perhaps, slightly extreme. For me, it is more than just the wonderful tool that helped me

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