Division of the Marked

Book One of the Marked Series

Every year, 50 children are marked. They join a superhuman society of scholars and martial artists. But this year, only 49 are found. As time passes, more and more children disappear. Yarrow and Bray meet upon their marking and feel uniquely connected. However, a decade long separation renders them rivals. Can they overcome their differences to unravel the mystery that threatens their kind?


Each year, fifty ordinary teenagers are branded with an ancient symbol. They will join the Chisanta—an elite caste of scholars and martial artists, each possessing supernatural “gifts.” But first they must withstand a brutal testing. These teens forge tight bonds during their difficult initiation, yet in the end they will be split into two opposing factions. And friends will become enemies.

Bray and Yarrow share an instant connection, but fate shoves them down different paths. That is, until ten years later, when a marked girl is found dead. These former friends reluctantly band together, hoping to find answers. But old affection has twisted into distrust. Their reunion has all the chemistry of a powder keg meeting a match.

They must learn how to trust each other again, however. Because if they fail, it might spell the extinction of their kind.


There's plenty here for fans of character-focused fantasy quests.

Publishers Weekly

McCarron manages to successfully bridge modern ideals and an ancient world in this coming-of-age tale.

Publishers Weekly