Resolution of the Marked

Book Four of the Marked Series

The heart-pounding conclusion to the Marked Series.
Old friends and new allies face a growing danger, which threatens to eliminate free-will and enslave a nation. The city of Accord is under siege, and beyond the wall Quade gathers strength.

The coming fight will be bloody. The cost will be high. But what choice do they have?


The city of Accord has been under siege for seven months. Quade’s army is the largest the world has ever known, a force great enough to topple a kingdom. Yet it is held at bay. Thwarted, thanks to the cleverness of a heart-sore general, the dedication of a queen, the courage of a people, the gifts of the marked, and—above all else—the predictions of a mindless truth-sayer, a Fifth.

For over half a year this war has stood at an impasse. But on the other side of their protective city walls, Quade Asher has begun to alter his strategy. He’s finally identified a weakness in Accord’s defense. His desire for conquest is matched only by his rage, born of months seething in defeat and humiliation. Yes, by all the Spirits, he will take this city, and make his enemy bleed.


Action-packed and full of heart, read the final installment of this fantasy epic today!