Character Interview: Bray Marron

In anticipation of the third book of The Marked Series, Lamentation of the Marked, here is a quick little interview with one of the protagonists, Bray Marron.

*** This character interview is intended for those who have already read Division of the Marked and Elevation of the Marked. There are spoilers! If you haven’t read the first two books or have not yet finished, do yourself a favor and don’t read on. ****

M: I force a bright smile. “Alright, Bray, are you ready to answer a few questions
for your readers?”

B: She glowers. “I have more important things to do. This is a waste of my time.”

M: “Well, I appreciate that you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, what with Yarrow still being unaccounted for and all, but this really won’t take long. And we could chat about that…erm, if you’d like.”

B: “You could tell me where he is.”

M: “That’s true, I could.”

B: “But you won’t.”

M: “Well, no. But I did write in a character with a gift that can help you find him. So…ah,” my voice rises awkwardly, “you’re welcome?”

B: She looks as if she’s contemplating violence. Then sighs. “Fine. What do you want to know?”

M: “Ok, question the first: why do you think you had such a hard time getting along with Yarrow when you met again as adults?

B: “My winning personality.”

M: “Um, care to elaborate?”

B: “No.”

M: I sigh, thinking I should dream up less stubborn characters in the future. “You aren’t always so combative. We see you, over the first two books, get along well with several people outside of your inner circle: Ellora, Su-Hwan… But at first, with Yarrow, you had a really hard time. Why?”

B: “No, I didn’t.”

M: I puff out my cheeks in exasperation.

B: “No, really. I didn’t. I was, from the start, so drawn to him that is scared me. I didn’t trust it, or him. I put up my guard, and held onto it for as long as I could. Which wasn’t actually all that long…”

M: “Wow. An honest answer. Thank you for that.”

B: “Just trying to move this along. Yarrow…he is alright, isn’t he?” She seems as if she’s trying to sound casual, but fails spectacularly.

M: “Well, to be honest, he’s had a rough go of it since you’ve last seen him. There are going to be hard days ahead, for both of you. For everyone.”

B: She leans forward in her seat, intent. “We failed to kill Quade Asher, and I have no illusions that he’ll cease his campaign for control, not now that he’s announced his intentions to the world. I admit, I’m afraid of what that man might do next. He won’t take this defeat with composure.”

M: “No. He won’t. Do you feel confident that the Chisanta will be ready for whatever he tries next?”

B: Bray’s lips thin and she shakes her head slowly. “Confident? No. His ability to manipulate thoughts makes him uniquely dangerous. We have the tools to undo him, but it will take careful coordination…”

M: “Are you afraid of him?”

B: “I would be very stupid if I weren’t.”

M: “Let’s talk a little about your past. You had a difficult childhood—”

B: “No. I had a terrible two years. Most of my childhood, while my Da was still alive, was just fine. We weren’t well off, but we had enough—we had each other.”

M: “That’s a loss you still haven’t recovered from, is it?”

B: She rubs her brow, looking weary. “I’m beginning to think we never recover when…” She shakes her head. “We just keep moving on, with parts of us missing.”

M: “You’re think of Adearre, too, I take it?”

B: “I think of Adearre often.”

M: “Care to—”

B: “No. I don’t want to talk about that.”

M: “Ok. Fair enough. Let’s play a word association game. I’ll say a word, and you say the first thing that comes to mind. No pausing to think.”

B: She rolls her eyes. “I really don’t have time for this. Yarrow—”

M: “Just another minute, then I’ll let you go. Promise.”

B: “Fine. Begin.”

M: “Quade.”

B: “Control.”

M: “Gift.”

B: “Sacrifice.”

M: “Spirit.”

B: “Blighter.”

M: “Friend.”

B: “Peer.”

M: “Book.”

B: “Yarrow.”

M: “Love.”

B: “Yarrow.”

M: “Fate.”

B: “Yarrow.”

M: I chuckle. “I’m beginning to sense of theme, here. Alright, very well, you can go. Go and find him, and I’m sorry for what is to come.”

B: She hops up from her chair and turns to the door. She looks over her shoulder at me, her expression unreadable. “Don’t let it take too long.” And with that, she turns her back and walks straight through the wall.

M: I shake my head sadly. “Oh, Bray. Finding him will be the least of your problems.”


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