Lamentation of the Marked Cover Reveal

Have been completely neglecting my blog lately. All my focus has been on getting Lamentation revised and polished. But I figured I’d take a short break to share the cover with you. I’ve been wanting to share this for ages!

Here you go:

My hope when I painted this cover was to keep many elements of the previous two, while still creating something new–something that would feel true to this story. As the title suggests, this is a darker and sadder tale. So, I designed a cover with more realistic details, while still keeping the split color scheme and the silhouetted characters.

As I wrote in my previous update, I suffered a hard drive failure and one of the things I lost was the first version of this cover. Having to paint everything again–particularly as an untrained and hit-or-miss artist–felt, at the time, like a real heartache. But in the end this second version was more refined than the first.

Anyway, I hope you all like the cover! I will be revealing the release date and the book trailer in a few days. The book will be up for pre-order soon.

Now, back to editing for me!


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