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Lamentation is off for its first pass with my editor, currently. I am so excited to get this book finished and out to my readers. The book will be available on all platforms on July 3rd. It is up for pre-order now. I’ve set the pre-order at $3.99, as a thank-you price for those who have been patiently waiting (and not forgotten me!). It will be raised to $4.99 after release day, so make sure to pick it up while it’s on sale! There are buy links at the bottom of this post.

Some fun facts about the book: it is the longest in the series, at just under 130,000 words; it has 7 perspective characters (Division had 2, Elevation had 5); half of it was written in Korea, half in the US (split between Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Florida).

Check out the trailer:

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  • Erilea
    July 15, 2017 - 12:11 pm · Reply

    Oh no! I just checked in yesterday for the third book in the Division series, after a couple of years’ avoidance and was thrilled to find the next instalment. After a thrilling all-nighter to get the book finished I turned back to find out when the next one would be due, only to find that this one was only released a few days ago! I really really hope the next one is coming soon and that it will finish the series. I don’t think I. Could wait another couple of years and still not find out what happens to Yarrow in the end! Thanks for the great writing.

    • March McCarron
      July 17, 2017 - 2:54 am · Reply

      Ah, sorry to disappoint! The next book will be the last, and I’m getting to work on it. I don’t have a release date yet, but I can promise it won’t be anywhere near as long of a wait as the third one! Glad to hear you enjoyed Lamentation. I appreciate the pain of waiting–believe me!

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