A Bray Story

A Bray Story

When the town of Bentall is blackmailed, Bray and her two close friends are called in to investigate. But the case soon grows more deadly than they could have imagined.


Bray Marron and her two close friends have studied criminology for years. Yet, when their mentor steps aside, Bray feels completely unprepared. She’s only nineteen years old, after all, and she’s never seen a crime like this.

The city of Bentall has been contaminated with an infectious disease and Bray must find the culprit. But as sickness sweeps the city, law-and-order erodes. Catching a killer is difficult enough. With chaos and death reigning in Bentall, it might just be impossible.

And when Bray’s own party begins to show symptoms, she wonders if this first case might also be their last.


Three friends. An infectious disease. A town in chaos.