The Complete Marked Series

Power comes at a price. To withstand evil, what will our heroes sacrifice? And how will they bear the cost?

Get the COMPLETE series today! Over 1600 pages of epic adventure, mystery, martial arts, friendship, and romance. Featuring an ensemble cast of characters you won’t soon forget, in a unique and immersive fantasy world.


The Chisanta are an elite sect of scholars and warriors, gifted with supernatural abilities. Though they are all branded with the same ancient mark upon their necks, they are split into two opposing factions. For centuries, the two halves have grown increasingly hostile. It seems war is on the horizon.

But an outside threat will force the Chisanta to reunite. Reluctantly, a group of former friends band together, desperate to save the people of Trinitas from an unprecedented evil.

Yarrow is a scholar of ancient prophecy.
is a law-woman with a chip on her shoulder.
 is the greatest fighter of his generation.
 is a farm-boy turned enforcer.
is a princess scrambling to save her people.
And Arlow just wants a stiff drink.

None of them are ready to face their fears, but destiny waits for no one.



There's plenty here for fans of character-focused fantasy quests.

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